Summer camps for adults

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Most people would do the sensible thing and have the rest of the season off after the crash I just had.  I guess I am not most people…

I am not planning on racing just yet though.  I think I need to put in some hard hours training.  The plan is to race Challenge Barcelona in early October and finish off the year racing Ironman Mexico at the end of November.  I realise this is laying down the gauntlet but the aim is sub 9 hours in both races!

Plans for August are to do the Trans Rockies Run.  It is a 6 day race across the Rockies with a team mate.  I am heading out there with Scott Coey.  I am not really viewing it as a race but as a great way to put in the training hours and have an amazing time in the process.  The result for this is not on the agenda, just having fun and pushing hard.

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