Lumie Brightspark

Winter Training – Show me the light!

Training over the months of November, December and January are always tough.  I always seem to catch a flu or cold over these months and it is more a case of maintaining consistent training and staying healthy than smashing out massive weeks training.  What with the short days and work, it makes it very hard to get out and train in daylight and by the time the weekend comes I find myself desperate to get out into the sun, if it ever appears from the mist, fog and cloud.

I had been asked if I would trial a light product from Lumie ( over a four week period.  I said yes – interested to see if I would notice any benefits.

I spend most of the day behind a computer, so the idea was to use the bright spark in the afternoons when the sun goes down.  My major training session in the day is typically in the evening and the purpose of the study was to see how using the Lumie Brightspark would affect my energy levels & mentally alertness, and in turn how what effect it would have if any on the training I did in the evening.

I have been using the Lumie body clock for a couple of winters now.  I only really use it in the depths of winter when it is pitch black at the time I get up to train.  I find it makes getting up just that little bit easier, and when I do finally drag myself out of bed, I am very slightly more awake and energised than normal.  Not a massive amount, but at this time of year every little bit helps 🙂

 Already being a fan of the Lumie body clock I was interested to see how things go with the Lumie bright spark trial.

Week 1.

When I switched the Lumie brightspark on for the first time I was amazed by the strength of the light given off.  Man it was bright!!  Yet, surprisingly, it only took my eyes a few moments to adjust.  Looking out of the windows in my office into the pitch black it was really quite nice to have the Lumie brightspark on and in the first few days of using it I actually found myself sitting back soaking up the light much like I would soak up the few glimpses of sun that I might get on the weekends.
In the first week I noticed that as I left the office, the fact it was pitch black outside was not bothering me as much as it had in previous weeks.  I also noticed a slightly more positive state of mind as I headed home for whatever training I had planned.
Week 2
A week into the trial and I am actually looking forward to switching on the light come 3pm.  Interestingly, I noticed that I was not sitting back soaking up the light as I had in the first week.  It was just there in the background.  I did not notice any further improvement in mental state from the first weeks of use.  But as with use in the first week, I found that I left work in a good positive mental state ready to getting stuck into training that evening.
Week 3 & 4
Very similar feedback to the second week.
In Summary; I did not notice any improvement in energy levels as a result of using the light.  But definitely noticed a more positive mental state in the afternoon and left work at the end of the day more fired up for training than I had in the weeks prior to using the brightspark.

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