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I am lucky to be sponsored by some great companies

Smart Aero Technology
Smart Aero Technology is a research and design group specializing in Cycling Aerodynamics. Led by aerodynamics expert, Simon Smart, they work in conjunction with the world’s top cycle and component manufacturers to produce the worlds fastest bikes. A strong background in Formula One racing means that they have an impressive amount of expertise in aerodynamic design and testing.
These skills and years of experience allow them to decipher the highly complex conditions that surround cycling, in order to develop and validate solutions for improved aerodynamic efficiency in every aspect.

Drag2Zero (Tri Team)
Based out of the state of the art Mercedes GP F1 wind tunnel and led by Simon Smart, the Drag2Zero team work with a number of pro teams, amateurs and manufacturers to achieve their optimized aerodynamic position. Use of the wind tunnel simulates the real world conditions very closely as they are are able to test response in a cross wind, and also because the tunnel is open jet.  Wind tunnel testing is one of the most cost effective ways of improving your performance, and it is a far more effective way of improving our performance on the bike than spending a fortune on expensive kit.


Dan Bullock’s technical advice in the pool along with session guidance is priceless.

Based in London but now coaching across the UK, is a swim technique and coaching concept brought to you by the brother and sister team of Dan and Keeley Bullock. The team share over 30 years experience of competitive swimming, coaching, teaching swim lessons and direct involvement with the sport of Triathlon as competitors and Coaches.

Bont Cycling Shoes

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I would like to extend massive thanks to them for all their help and support