Road Testing

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about sport science.  After studying the subject at ‘A’ level I moved away from this into Engineering.  I have a first class Masters in Materials Engineering and an Engineering Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering.  Throughout my studies I have remained passionate about Sports Science and while not directly involved in the area have always followed the subject with interest.

As I have become more and more immersed in endurance sport and Ironman racing in particular I consider myself my own little ‘Science Experiment’ using ever bit of new kit, nutrition and research to help try and see how far I can push myself in the sport.

The difference between myself and the top athletes in the sport is currently just over 5%.  Since starting triathlon 6 years ago I have been slowly knocking away at this figure.  But the lower it gets the harder it gets.

I have got to a point that attention to detail is imperative if I am to continue to reduce this figure down further.  The ultimate goal would be to get number down to 1%.  I know that is a big call but it is just in my nature to give myself massive goals.  So I am endlessly looking for any help that might help get me that extra 4%.  However small or random.  All I need is ten things that make a 0.4% improvement and I am there.  When you put it like that is sounds easy 🙂

In this ‘road testing’ page my aim is to give honest reviews on kit, nutrition, training and ideas.  Anything that I believe might help me with that final 4%. So, if you’re a brand or a researcher or just someone interested in a certain product I’d love to hear from you, and will happily test, review and feedback.

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