Back in the saddle

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Bike Accident, Iron Man

Right after the crash:

Imagine you have just got out of bed and not quite woken up properly yet.  That is pretty much how I am feeling 247 at the moment.  I feel in a daze, half there and half not.  The severity of the crash and what has happened to me has not really sunk in.  I am still thinking that it is race day and my mind can not wind down.  This all seems like one big bad dream at the moment.  I hope I wake up soon.

1 week after the crash:

I am awake, finally!  I have just been to the docs and been given the all clear!!  The doctor said I could slowly ease back into training over the next 2 months.  This means that I am going to miss pretty much all the races this season though.  I’m determined to get back to normal as quickly as possible, and this determination is consuming my every thought.

8 weeks after the crash:

I am back!  Just got home after a long weekend in Zermatt.  I spent 4 days running up mountains clocking over 11hrs running and climbing over 10,000m.  Before this trip I was still feeling stupidly tired for no reason in particular.  Out in Zermatt I seemed to feel better with every step and after the 4 days felt well and truly back.  OK I still have a way to go before I am back to full fitness but I feel like me again finally after 8 weeks and it is the best feeling in the world.  Happy days.

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