Third time Lucky

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things have been going well in training over the last few weeks and after the disappointment of my ‘detour’ in the last race I was looking forward to the next two races: Tri Grans Prix UK(1.9km-90km-21km) and Boskman (2.6km-120km-22km).

In the week building up to the Tri Gran Prix I decided to do a local 10 mile TT on the Tuesday night.  Despite not intending to push hard I ended up holding 398W over the 10 mile course.  Doohooo!  The following day I did a very high tempo run on the tarmac and then a hard swim on the Thursday night.  These three consecutive days of high end training left me feeling fatigued.  Nothing to major but just knocked out my top end and I was a little worried going into the Tri Gran Prix middle.


Despite putting these thoughts to the back of my mind, once the race started it was clear it was going to be a VERY long hard day. Everything just felt so much harder than it should.  I came out on the swim third, but it just felt HARD work.  Not a good start.  Out on the bike I was putting in all I had, but was a good 20watts down on what I had been putting out in the Marshman a few weeks earlier.  This made it mentally really tough going.  The run was not much better and I just felt a shadow of what I
would normally expect.  I finished 7th overall.  Not a bad performance all things considered and I was just pleased that I pushed on through despite being very far from on form.

Two weeks later I was lined up at the start of the Boskman long distance tri.  I had learnt from my mistakes a few weeks back and was feeling fresh and ready to rock.  Right from the off, it felt so very different from the last race.  I latched on to the lead swimmers feet and just sat there.  I came out of the 2.6km swim in 33mins in second place and it felt like I had hardly
put in any effort.  Happy days!


On the bike things were back to normal.  I felt relaxed and power was back in my legs.

I absolutely loved every second out on the bike.  A truly stunning course which had a bit of everything. I took the lead almost straight away and never looked back. Averaging 320W for the 3hrs 18mins I was on the bike I entered T2 still feeling as fresh as I had at the start.   Something that I would not have expected.  Makes me wounder what my Ironman pacing strategy should be???

The run was just mostly off road, very hilly, with some absolutely stunning views to go with it.  I love these kind of courses.  I spend nearly all my time running on hilly trails and hate running on the concrete with a passion.  I started the run at what I guessed to be Ironman pace / effort and just wanted to see how that felt.  Second place was a good 12-13minutes behind me and to be honest it felt more like a training run than a race out there.  Coming back toward this finish I felt fresh and confident that I would be able to hold this pace / effort for the full marathon distance.
I crossed the line for my first triathlon win of the season.  Third time lucky 🙂  To my surprise, second place was a massive 14 minutes behind me!
Having come down to the race on my own it was really nice to be greeted by so many friendly faces.  This race had a brilliant vibe to it.  Relaxed and friendly with some truly legendary views out on the course.  I can not believe I have not done a race down here before, but rest assured I will be coming back again.  Thanks to the organisers, Joanne, Richard and Paul for a great day. 
  1. dan says:

    nice win Chris over some good competition! well done…

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