Posted: August 16, 2010 in Triathlon

This has been one hell of a weekend and I am finally back in the game.

It all started off with one of my very best friends wedding, which truely was a legendary day.

The next morning I had planned to race in the Bedord Autoglass Olympic distance triathlon since we were kind of near by (45 minutes away).  I must have left the wedding reception around 11pm and spent the next hour and a half getting lost in Luton trying to find my way back to the hotel.  Not ideal!

Back at the hotel I finally made the last few race prepartions, set the alarm (or so I thought) and passed out.  When I woke up a was feeling surprisingly well rested, and with good reason, my alarm never went off at 4.15am and it was now 6.15am!!!!  For a few minutes I just thought there was no point even trying to make the race start, but a somewhat drunk Carli (my lovely girfriend) told me to stop fussing and get going, so I did.

I must have broken a lot of speed retrictions but made it to the race venue, sprinted about 1-2km to the registration tent, then 1-2km back to the car.  Got all my kit and made it into transition 5 minutes before it closed.  Talk about cutting it fine!!   I was seriously amazed to be in the race.

It has been 12 weeks since I crashed in IM Lanzarote, and they have not been easy ones, but I have to say I felt truely happy lined up at the start of the race today.  The gun went off and from then on I was officially loving every second out there.  🙂

Swim was solid but nothing to write home about.  Bike was very solid, although I did corner like a granny!  I had the 4th fastest bike split of the day (45 seconds off the fastest split) and if my corning skills were less granny like I think I probably would have had the fastest time, give or take a few seconds.  Happy with that.  On the run I was really just cruising.  With the trans rockies run just around the corner I did not want to push too hard.  I still clocked a 35min 30 sec 10km which was not too pedestrian.  I came in 10th overall and 3rd in my age group.  Considering it was the national championships, not a bad first race back after the crash.

Bring on the IM distance races!!!!

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